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We are a verified Business Member of Paypal. Affiliate Program

Features of Our Affiliate Program affiliate program is unique because it allows you to earn commissions based on the purchases made in not just at the GrandmasRemedies,com web portal but also at portal. has one of the largest selections of gemstones and gemstone jewelry on the Internet with a wide assortment of sizes, color, and clarity ranging from the affordable to the extravagant. Now you can take advantage of an unbelievable opportunity to make money online by partnering with us.

You can earn up to 12.5% on sales made through a link to us from your site. It's as easy as filling out a simple form, setting up the link and hopefully sitting back to watch the sales come in.

Join our Affiliate Program and enjoy the following benefits:

Program Features

Simple, Generous Commission Schedule affiliates with a tier-based commission that increases with your revenue. This enables you to earn more and more as your sales increase. Unlike others where you start at 0.0 sales every month, we start where you were at the end of previous month. That way even people with modest sales can earn good commissions by moving up in our ladder as your sales accumulate. More people will be earning top commissions by staying with our program for the long term. What we are looking for are long term relationships that will be a win-win situation for both parties.

In addition to earning commissions directly from the purchases from your customers, we also provide a 2nd Tier commission. This means that you can benefit from referring affiliates to our site. You'll earn 1% on the sales of those you refer to partner with us!

See our commission structure

Reliable, Long-Term Tracking

A 60-day cookie is created and can be stored on each visitor's PC that comes from your site. This ensures that you will be properly credited for purchases made after his or her initial visit.

Low Minimum Payout Threshold

Commissions are paid out monthly when they reach a minimum of $25.
Receive payments via Paypal.

No Commission Caps

There are no limits on how much you may earn in commissions. In other words, you have unlimited earning potential with affiliate program.

Easy tracking of your sales

Instant notification by email of a sale through your account
We also provide a password protected page to check sales and update account information.

Customer friendly features increases the level of trust and conversion

30 Day Return Policy
Free Shipping on Orders Over $250
Low Prices - Great values
Periodic special sales
Outstanding customer service that pampers the customers and ensures repeat sales.

Easy and Painless to Use

We make it easy. All you need to do is place the links on your website!
You can link to specific sections of the site or to our home page.
Coupons and sales Available
Full technical support. We are here to help you succeed!

Program requirements

You must place a link on your site to generate affiliate sales
Spamming is not permitted under any circumstance. If you use emails, use opt-in lists only.
You may use the banners and other graphics supplied by us or you can use your own.
Payments exceeding $25 are made monthly via PayPal within 40 days after the close of the month. (For example, if a sale is generated during the month of September, it will be paid within 40 days after October 1st.
You may not frame our site or claim it to be any other than

How it works

Making money with us is pretty simple. We give you a line of code to paste into your site. By adding your unique affiliate code to the end of each link, you will receive 15% of sales for gifts and 5% of the sales for vitamins and supplements that are generated through your site. Payments are made at the end of each month via Paypal and you are notified by email of each order that is processed.

Your referred customer may come back later and purchase items. So long as they return within 60 days, you will get full credit for their purchase.

what to do

The first thing to do is sign up for the affiliate program so you have your own unique code that allows us to track your commission. Do it now by clicking here. This will get you a unique partner ID

Provide a link from your website or email with hyperlink (Replace yourID with the unique code you have selected when signing up for the program.

If you want to target your customers to go to specific pages on our site you can do so. Here are the options available: for the home page of the jewelry for the home page of the loose gemstones for the home page of the art for the home page of the books for the home page of Dr. Shila's Originals. for the vitamins and nutritional supplements home page

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